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SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' episode 10 recap
by pfyre (pfyre)
at September 10th, 2011 (12:36 pm)

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'Torchwood: Miracle Day' episode 10 'The Blood Line' recap: Answers about the blessing
September 09, 2011 11:30 PM EDT

Torchwood: Miracle Day ends its run on Starz with the season finale, "The Blood Line." The team is split on the two ends of the blessing, but what will each group find? Will it all end with a big sacrifice?

Getting ready for the end?

Gwen tells a story of her father that shows just how kind he is. However, it's the day she's going to kill him.

In Buenos Aires, Rex squeezes a drop of Jack's blood out of a bag, and it begins moving. Gwen reminds them to keep the blood safe. Rex is worried about what's going to happen to him after.

The woman tells Jilly they're blowing the place up at midnight, and when they do, the miracle will be never-ending. The blessing will just be buried.

On both sides of the world, they prepare to head out, and Rex brings the CIA in the loop of their side of it. Meanwhile, Shanghai and Buenos Aires coordinate their times of detonation. The woman explains to Jilly that the average life expectancy of those living within a two-mile radius of the blessing is exactly equal to the average life expectancy of the world and always has been. They've changed the whole world, but it's just phase 1.

Charlotte tries to interfere when Rex and Esther enlist the CIA for help, but to no avail. When Noah suggests starting a trace, Shapiro says it isn't the time. Noah explains to Charlotte they have a way to find the mole working in the CIA.

Santos has arrived to help Rex and Esther, and they now have a location. Charlotte takes out her phone as they prepare to move in.

While getting ready to leave to meet up with Gwen, who has found the blessing, Oswald asks Jack who he is. Jack reveals he's from the future. Oswald wants to know if they survive the day, but Jack says the future can change.

Gwen checks in with Rhys, who has a way into the camp thanks to Andy. Gwen's torn because if the miracle ends, her father dies, but Rhys just wants her to come back alive.

In Buenos Aires, they load up a truck, and Esther goes to Rex's side when he's obviously in pain. One of the soldiers opens the briefcase with the blood before pulling out a detonator. Another soldier shoots him, and the truck blows up. Rex and Esther have to make everyone think they died in the explosion.

Shapiro knows someone betrayed them and tells Noah to run the trace. Charlotte takes her bag and walks into an office, pulling something out of a file cabinet. Once it's inside her bag, she returns to the others and sets her bag on the desk before walking away. That's when they realize Charlotte's the mole, just in time for her bag to explode.

Making their way to the blessing on Torchwood: Miracle Day

Jack and Oswald join Gwen, who has found out about the Buenos Aires explosion. The only blood they have left is in Jack, and he could die. On both sides of the Earth, they break into the areas of the blessing.

Rhys and Andy have found Gwen's father, but a nurse says they're taking them to the furnace in 10 minutes.

Jack recognizes lettering on a box and tells Oswald he's glad he's there. The woman and Jilly see Jack and the others on their monitors, and she says they're about to meet the creator. They go to meet them at the elevator. Oswald steps forward and reveals they've strapped bombs to him. His plan is to make sure the woman's still inside when the place explodes. However, the Families have the advantage still because Buenos Aires has Rex and Esther in custody. Jack explains he has the most powerful thing of all and walks over to the blessing. He cuts his finger and his blood is sucked forward to the blessing. The blessing wants him because he has mortal blood. The woman asks them what they see, and Gwen says she sees guilt. Jack sees all the lives he's lived and it's not so bad. Oswald says it feels like sin. Jack says the blessing is the gap in between, the nothingness, the space, but he doesn't know what it is. Gwen can feel it's been there since the Earth began.

In Buenos Aires, the man explains the blessing transmits a morphic field around the planet, binding them together. It turns out they fed it immortal blood. The blessing absorbed the blood and copied it, changing its setting. Jack thinks they hurt it so it made it into a gift. They're preparing for a new world where only the strong and rich survive. They'll be able to decide who lives and how long. Jilly says the Families want to make the worlds more disciplined and she likes the sound of it. Jack has the only mortal blood on the planet and he thinks if it gets into the blessing, life switches back. That's not going to work, as he would need to introduce it in Shanghai and Buenos Aires at the same time.

However, that's when Rex reveals that he has Jack's blood running through his veins - they transfused his blood when they got to Buenos Aires. They have blood on both sides of the world, but they'll both die. Gwen's not going to let Jack be a suicide and pulls her gun. Nothing's going to stop Rex - except for the man shooting Esther. If the miracle ends, she dies.

Who lives? Who dies?

Gwen tells Rex to carry on with the plan, even though Esther and her father will die. She says no one should have the power to choose when someone lives or dies. Rex tells Esther he's sorry before they carry out with the plan. Gwen shoots Jack, while Rex takes off his chest bandage, and their blood goes into the blessing. Gwen brings death back around the world, and it is described as a breath - the last breath. Rex collapses in Buenos Aires, as do both places. Gwen joins Jilly on the elevator as Jack comes back to life - he's immortal again. Rex gets up and throws the man over the edge in Buenos Aires before collapsing again. Jilly wants to leave Jack there, but Gwen fights for control of the elevator and returns for him. Oswald tells them to run, as he's taking the place and the woman with him. They get outside just as the place explodes, and Jack pulls Gwen back from helping a fallen Jilly. The army arrives to get Esther and Rex.

Rhys, Gwen, Jack, Charlotte, and Rex attend Esther's funeral.

The man once again joins Jilly on a park bench. She's been waiting for him. She has nothing and doesn't know what to do. He tells her to start again with them because they nearly succeeded. The trial run for Plan B was good. He asks if she's interested before walking away. She runs after him.

Charlotte offers her condolences before walking away. Rex asks what's going to happen next for Jack and Gwen. Is Jack staying? When Rex learns Charlotte was the mole, he calls out to Charlotte, who turns and shoots him before being taken down herself. Jack says there's nothing they can do for Rex. However, that's when he comes back to life with a gasp and heals. It was Jack's blood.

What did you think of the Torchwood: Miracle Day season finale, "The Blood Line"?