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John Barrowman Talks Torchwood, Tour And His New Album
by pfyre (pfyre)
at September 9th, 2011 (12:01 pm)

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John Barrowman Talks Torchwood, Tour And His New Album

By Shaun Kitchener On September 8, 2011

We chat to the all-round entertainer...

If we were to look up the word 'Showbusiness' in a dictionary, we wouldn't be surprised if there was a picture of John Barrowman where the definition should be.

With new LP Tonight's The Night: The Very Best of John Barrowman just released and the latest series of Torchwood coming to a head, what better time for a chat with one of Britain's favourite all-round entertainers...

Q: Your 'Best Of' album is out this week. How difficult was it for you to pick the songs that would go on it from three albums' worth of material?

The ones that I chose from all the albums, apart from the two new ones, were ones that actually meant something to me. I say this in the album sleeve, that each song has a piece of my heart in it. What I mean by that is each one is relative to a specific moment in time – in my career, to a person, or to something that's happened to me - so they're all personal songs that I've chosen from the past three albums.

Q: You mention the two new songs, and the original one 'I Owe It All To You'; what was it about that song that made you want to record it?

What appealed to me about it in the first place was I asked them – the guys who wrote the song, Paul Barry and Mark Read, and also the guys form Metrophonic who produced Enrique's 'Hero' – I asked them to produce it because I love the feel of that song; it's a really, really great ballad. I wanted to say… well the title says it all, 'I Owe It All To You', and it's a thank you to the fans because I do owe it all to the fans, to the people who've been around me in my career and continue to stay around me.

Q: You're going on tour next month, what can fans expect from the show?

Well, you know, 80% of the people who come to the shows are all returning customers! The people that come can expect a great night of entertainment. I have four dancers, I have a nine-piece band, I sing songs that, again, are all relative to me. I tell a story through the show, which is a retrospective look at my life over the past year; I show photographs and videos… it's an insight into a little bit deeper about who John Barrowman is. It's really a big variety show on stage.

Q: You've picked your collaboration with Jodie Prenger for the Best Of, somebody you helped to discover. Is there anyone else you want to duet with?

Well if I were to have a dream duet, I think this might sound typical but I would love to do a duet with Celine Dion! [Laughs] But I also like that I'm in a position where I'm able to help other people and that's why I duetted with Jodie Prenger and the other people I've duetted with in the past. It's always been giving them a little assistance in their career because I was given a lot of help in mine.

Q: You're a man of so many talents, did you find time in the schedule for a summer holiday?!

I did! I've been away for three and a half weeks! My partner Scott and I, and my sister and my brother in law, we've got a big American conversion van and we drove 3,500 miles around Europe. So I've been enjoying myself back on solid ground!

Q: Moving on to Torchwood, this series is coming to a climax in the next couple of weeks. Are there any teasers you can give us?

All I can tell you is it's going to be a shocker!

Q: And looking ahead to future series' is there anything in particular that you'd like to see Jack do? Any adventures you'd like to see him get taken on?

I don't know if I'm making an assumption because we don't know if there is going to be another series yet, so were still waiting to see. But I'm happy with what the writers write. I like the aspect of that particular job - I'm not a producer, I'm not a writer, I come in and I get the scripts and I do the job, and I bring the character to life and that kind of brings a bit of the pressure off! But I think I'd love to see Jack time travel a little more, and I love going back in time to Jack's past. I think that's also nice to explore.

Q: Jack's a great character, what do you like most about playing him?

The fact that he's a hero and he's a different kind of hero. He's not a typical type of hero that you would see in a comic book or in a TV show, and that's what I love about him. That's what makes him fun to play. Also he's a little bit naughty and he speaks his mind, and he's got conviction with everything he does.

Q: You've managed to accomplish so much, is there anything else you'd still like to do?

I've accomplished a lot but there's a hell of a lot that I want to do. I want to get more into production and I want to possibly do some directing. My sister and I have written a series of children's books that are coming out in February, the first one's called Hollow Earth and it's about a brother and sister team, and we're just really chuffed with it. We've already started working on the second book, and we'll have a big launch for that in the spring. But I've also got a TV show that I've got in my back pocket that I've got the idea for, we're going to hopefully get that produced and up and running. So there's many other things I'm looking forward to doing!

Tonight's The Night: The Very Best of John Barrowman is out now.